The Press Hall

The redeveloped Mercury Newspaper Press Hall is home to a community of like-minded businesses including Franklin restaurant, Pigeon Whole Bakers, Raft Art Gallery and our own architecture studio.

The original building (parts of which date back to late 1800’s) features a heritage-protected Art Deco façade. Other historical gems were uncovered during the archaeological work, including a terrazzo entry floor with the name of the original car showroom ‘City Motors - 1938’. The terrazzo was restored and is featured in the new entry lobby.

The architects have responded considerately to the qualities of the original building and the brief. They have given thought to the building’s context, its interaction with the streetscape, its internal planning and to the detailing, with confidence and consistency.
— Jury, Tasmanian Architecture Awards 2015

Our strategy was to celebrate the existing building fabric with all new work to be visually recessive, simple and elegant. The material palette was drawn from the buildings on the extended site; trowelled and off form concrete, raw mild-steel and V-jointed Tasmanian Oak - both raw and painted. 

We collaborated with a local steelworker and furniture designer to create the joinery, furniture and lighting, resulting in a cohesive and enduring aesthetic.

We sought opportunities to bring natural light and air into the building, including garden pockets and light wells throughout, and a full-width glass pivoting wall at the rear of the restaurant which opens up to an entertaining courtyard.

The restaurant, designed in close collaboration with head chef David Moyle, is arranged around a centralised kitchen and bar which is open to the dining area, offering an immersive experience to guests. The layout balances the fluidity and flexibility of the large space with a range of intimate dining spaces.

It is my belief that the project’s success can mainly be attributed to Core Collective’s tireless commitment to the project and their availability on-site to ensure the clients design intent was achieved. Their relationship management, attention to detail and ability to provide information quickly and efficiently, provided us with a confidence that is rare in the industry.
— Peter Ventieri, In2Construction

Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Completed: 2015


2015 Winner Tasmanian Architecture Awards - Commercial Award

Project Team

Architects: Ryan Strating & Chris Clinton

Builder: In2Construction

Archaeology: Austral & Praxis Environment

Heritage: Core Collective Architects

Structural: Gandy & Roberts

Building Surveyor: Castellan

Mechanical: Ian Loney

Hydraulics: Gandy & Roberts

Lift: Access Solutions

Access: Michael Small

Photographers: Peter Whyte, Luke Burgess, Cherrie Eisemann, Adam Gibson


(inside) Interior Design Review, issue 87, July/August 2015

Gourmet Traveller, February 2015

‘Life Spaces’ Live.Work.Connect from the IDEA Awards 2015

Products & Systems

Heating: Hydronic thermal slab by Ovreem Gas & Plumbing, Wood fire by Skantherm

Masonry: 150 clinkaBLOK by clinka (4 hour fire rated lightweight masonry)

Steel windows: Windows on the World

Lighting: Artemede & Custom copper tube lights by CCA

Furniture: Hay, Tim Webber, Custom timber furniture by CCA

Cooking: Electrolux Commercial


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