The Commons Hobart

The Commons Hobart

The Commons apartment building in Hobart aims to set a new benchmark for sustainable inner city living in Tasmania. The site, located centrally in Hobart’s CBD, was chosen for its proximity to shops and services and for its northern orientation for solar gain.

These apartments will set a fantastic benchmark for comfortable and sustainable inner city living for many years to come.
— Todd Houstein, Executive Officer, Sustainable Living Tasmania

The proposed complex includes 30 apartments, two commercial ground floor spaces, a public garden on the corner and a communal roof terrace with a food garden and BBQs. Each apartment will achieve an 8-star energy rating, enjoying north light for several hours each day, healthy & durable raw materials and a private balcony with integrated planter boxes. The generously sized communal rooftop has a studio space for community events, a laundry and clothes drying area, extensive green roof and food-garden beds.  

I think there will be an increase in demand for this type of accommodation in Hobart. Younger people are driving less and aren’t owning cars, they want to live in high quality housing in the right location in the city. I think we have to start exploring this concept seriously.
— Hobart Alderman Bill Harvey

Location: Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Status: Currently under development

Project Team

Our team: Ryan Strating, Chris Clinton, Emily Ouston, Jack Andrews

Developer: Small Giants Developments

Visualisation: Sixth Law


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