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Your home is an expression of yourself, your family, your values, and your ambitions for the future.   

Key Residential Projects

We’re serious about doing it once, doing it well and building to last. All of our houses are low-energy, functional, comfortable, cost-effective, low-maintenance and user-friendly.
— Ryan






Our design process is an on-going conversation with you, where we invite you to bring to the table all that you know about yourself and your lifestyle.

What are your likes / dislikes?

What are your values and beliefs?

Who are your household members and what are their needs?

What are your daily routines?

What are your functional requirements?

What are your goals for the future?

We take this information and turn it into your Project Brief – a ‘live’ document that will inform the design. This is how we turn the house into your house.

We’ll guide you through the process, arming you with a project plan that includes key dates, permit applications and construction timing. Importantly, it forecasts expenditure so that you can be prepared for the various costs along the way.

Together with a cost consultant, we monitor and prioritise the project costs so that money is spent on the things that matter most to you.

In all our custom house designs, we aim for elegance (ie, spaces that are a joy to experience every day) and robustness (ie, useful, hardworking spaces and durable materials), the right combination of which will bring harmony and efficiency to your individual needs.

We love what we do. It’s a fun process and we invite you to take part in it. The process itself should be enjoyable and inspiring – this is how we ensure a great outcome! 



We engaged Core Collective on a full-service contract basis that took us from conceptual design to handover; they were totally professional and put our best-interests ahead of all other considerations, which ensured that for us, the build was a pleasurable and rewarding experience.
— Client, Sunnybanks House

Don’t think a custom house design is for you?

We also have an ‘off the plan’ house design: The Low-Energy House, pre-designed and prototyped to give you a starting-point, requiring simple tweaks to suit your site and your individual needs. This can be a great option, saving you time and money. 


view the low-energy house